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New Year, New Office - 5 benefits of working with Kontor in 2023

It’s 2023, we’re back in business, and securing that new office space has never been more relevant. 

In fact, Googling new office searches tend to soar at this time of year (and who can argue with that?), so what better time to get ahead of the curve and beat the competition? At Kontor, we pride ourselves on finding that perfect office space, whether it’s a fully-flexible place for your ever-increasing desk numbers, or a longer-term, more fixed lease contract. 

If you’re completely stuck and don’t know where to start, or if we’ve worked together before and you’re just unsure as to where you’ll be a few months down the line, there’s many ways 2023 can be the year you secure that perfect office space. 

We’ve laid out 5 of our favourites to get you started...

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👉 We’ve Got It All

When it comes to offices, we cover the whole market, but typically, you can choose to go down one of three routes; flexible, managed, or leased: 

  • Flexible - Also known as flexi / serviced / co-working spaces, you can move in and be pretty much ready to go. These are short-term contracts, usually lasting a year but can be longer or shorter, and things like service charges are all included - we’re also FREE when you choose this option. Yup! 

  • Managed - Somewhere in the middle, managed offices offer the convenient perks of a flexi, such as fit-outs and services, but in a space you can call your own, just like a  lease. Time-wise, they’re usually best for businesses looking to stay for 1-3 years, so great for companies who have a grasp on their hiring plans but aren’t ready to settle just yet.

  • Leased - Leased offices are usually longer term - anything from 2 to 20 years. They typically come unfurnished (but we can help with that too, see further down!), and monetary-wise, we simply charge a % fee for your first year.

👉 Money Talks

Of course, budget is a hot topic at the moment, especially as you look to the year ahead, so we’re conscious this will be a priority for many.

That’s why we work closely with you to ensure everything remains within budget from the get-go.

👉 Hassle-free

We like to think moving office needs extra care and attention, so we take care of everything (and we mean everything) from start to finish. 

We figure out all those big (and little) requirements to help you find the best office for your growing business; from on-trend interiors to hassle-free negotiations. When it comes to leased offices, our negotiating skills means we’re likely to save you more than the fee, too, so it’s much better than going directly through an agent. 

👉 Location, Location, Location

For some, location is everything. So when it comes to where you want to set up shop, we’ve got the goods.

Whether you know where you want to be based, or are open to new neighbourhood suggestions, we can help you land the perfect spot. Although we mainly cover central London, going to more far-flung places isn’t out of our remit, so just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can help.

👉 Office Culture

Although it’s not one we can directly take credit for, we think office culture is a huge part of our day-to-day lives, and there’s loads of benefits to coming together to share ideas and work more collaboratively. 

Of course, we know the 5 day office working week really is a thing of the past, but if you can strike that balance with hybrid working between head-down focus time at home, and in-person time in a dedicated office space, you’re onto a good thing. 

We’re sure you’ll need no further persuading, but if you still think we could nudge you over the line, just hit the yellow ‘Find your next office’ box above, give us all the deets, and we can get going!

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