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You’ve shortlisted some offices in New York - which one to start with?

So you’ve taken the first step, done some research, and gathered a shortlist of eight or nine offices that seem like they could work for you.

OK. What’s next? Suddenly this “shortlist” doesn’t look so short after all. You’re tight on time, you can’t see them all in one day, and you’re suffering from analysis paralysis.

The quick answer is...

...pick three at random and go check them out! Or ask us! We’ll pick the ones we think will work best for you.

We could wrap things up here. Seriously, once you’ve done the hard work of thinking through your requirements and picking out some options, the best way to move forward is to get out there, hit the pavement, and try a few offices on for size.

What “feels right” about an environment is a deeply personal thing; not a science. The only gauge that can tell you for sure how a space feels is when you actually stand inside it. Even the location or size of an office takes on a clearer meaning when you experience them first-hand.

Once you’ve seen three or four offices, you’ll be able to revisit your shortlist and identify any other options which you now realize could suit you better. Maybe you’ll go back to the drawing board and flip your search criteria 180 degrees. Or you might even hit the nail on the head the first time...

Not comfortable judging by the vibe alone? Fair enough.

We have some suggestions to help you narrow down your office shortlist.

Narrow it down by type

Pick at least one leased office and at least one fully-managed flexible office. It’s not uncommon for our clients to change their minds about which type is right for them halfway through their search. There’s a huge range of possibilities, and what you get for your money varies, so we strongly recommend that you view at least one of each.

Narrow it down by price

Pick the most expensive office from your list, the least expensive one, and one that’s in the middle. This will show you what you can get for your money and help you decide if the nice-to-haves are worth the extra. (Please remember though, prices are negotiable; sometimes by quite a bit.)

Narrow it down by location

Two options. To give yourself a solid “yes” or “no” for a specific area, pick a few offices that are close to each other. Or to develop a sense for how the offering varies from zip code to zip code, choose a cross-section from your shortlist that covers the widest overall distance.

Narrow it down by size

Take a page out of Goldilocks’ book. Pick the largest, the smallest, and the one in the middle. With your current office as a frame of reference, you’ll get a sense of which size of workspace is right for you. Seeing a range will help you translate square footage from an abstract number into a room full (or indeed not so full) of people. The number of desks in the brochure is a useful guide, but who’s to say you’ll have the same vision for the space?

Outsource the narrowing-down

Loop in some colleagues and ask them to vote for their favorites, with a word or two about what caught their attention. Important: set expectations that this is just a preliminary vote to put out feelers, not a guarantee that their opinion will seal the deal.

In short, your first viewing tour is where the magic happens. Bring it on!

Whether you’re ready to check out some offices in person or still have a few questions on your mind, we’re here to help at kontor.com.

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