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Should you stay or should you go?

To move or not to move? It really is the age-old dilemma, especially when it comes to offices.

When considering an office move, it can feel like there’s a never-ending list of things to do, and that’s even before you’ve decided on if you even need to go somewhere new. 

Venturing to pastures new is always exciting (not that we’re bias, of course), but is it really worth the upheaval? Or is it better to stay put for now, instead exploring options to move further down the line?

We’ve pulled together some of the most common situations when it comes to choosing whether to stay or go, to help you decide.

👉 All About The Aesthetics 

That amazing looking building you always pass on the way to work is calling out to you. It looks great (you’ve even scoped out the interior on Insta), is in the perfect location, but in reality you’ve no clue if it would really suit the needs of you and your team. 

Stay or go? If you’re really set on bagging the space, get a viewing booked in to go and explore further. There’s only one way to find out if it’s the right space for you, and that’s by getting out there and seeing it for yourself (we can help with this).

If, for some reason, it’s not what you were expecting, another option could be redecorating or a re-fit-out at your existing place - it could be more cost-effective than you think.

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👉 Ahead Of The Game

You could be about to close a round of investment and think getting ahead of the game is an important next move, or your time could soon be up at your current place and the lure of a sleek new office is calling.

Stay or go? There’s no denying that closing that next round of investment is a super exciting moment for any business, and it’s only natural for your mind to start whirring with thoughts of a bigger space. However, until it’s a done deal it’s usually best not to jump ship too soon, especially in a hybrid working world. 

You shouldn’t have to wait for too long, and when that time comes, we’ll be here to set the wheels in motion. 

If your time is coming to an end at your current place, you could also enquire about extending the lease or licence. It’s not always possible but it can be easier than relocating. If you’ve any Qs / comments / concerns on the ins and outs, just drop us a line. 

👉 Team Morale

Your team is getting restless in the same space, morale is lacking and people are struggling to get motivated. So, you think a change of scenery might be the way to solve it.

Stay or go? Of course, it’s common for a scenery switch-up to be the appealing option when addressing team morale. It’s well-known that productivity and motivation have a tendency to increase when you put yourself in a different situation, but sometimes it could be a case of making the most of the office space you already have.

Switching up the decor? Moving the furniture around? Creating more break-out or thinking spaces? You could try some of these out and if not, you know where we are. 

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👉 Cutting Costs

Budget is such a big topic at the moment, and an important one, too. It seems obvious that the first step when looking at business costs would be to reduce what you’re spending on your office space, right?

Stay or go? Not always. Moving to a completely different place has the potential to upset team dynamics, so it’s always best to include everyone in discussions about moves to ensure they’re all happy and on the same page. 

Opting for somewhere smaller could also put you on the back foot for future growth; sometimes it’s about playing the long game. Plus, think how exciting it’ll be when you start the search for a bigger space!

👉 Relocation

So your geographical focus may have shifted, and subsequently you need to explore an office move - After all, you need to go where the business is.

Stay or go? Sometimes it’s not always about a huge move, instead, looking at hiring one-off rooms in specific locations could be a pretty cost-effective option. Interested in knowing more? Desana allows you to book a variety of different spaces; from a meeting room for an hour to a whole workspace for several months at a time.

But, if it’s turning out your business really is shifting focus, then it might well be time to explore new neighbourhoods - exciting! And don’t worry, we know all the best spots. 

Reckon you’ve decided? Or still on the fence? If this hasn’t cleared things up, we’re here to answer anything you need to know. 

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