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Value in the viewings - From love at first sight to avoiding pigeonholing

4 takeaway tips 

Trust your gut is a phrase we go by in everyday life, and it’s no different when it comes to making bigger decisions, including securing that new office.

When embarking on the search for a new workspace, regardless if it’s love at first sight or takes a few goes to get it right, investing time in viewings is an indispensable part of the process.

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// Abstaining from pigeonholing

Crafting a streamlined brief is a must - and helps the Kontor team do their best work when shortlisting office options - but staying open-minded is of equal importance. 

You may have a specific location in mind, or be confident a leased office is the best option for your growth plans. However, once you commence viewings this has the potential to change based on the options available.

For example, Risk Ledger were set on leaving their previous serviced office behind and taking a managed space instead.

But, after seeing what Mindspace’s Old Street could offer with its fresh aesthetic, flurry of unique working areas to complement team needs, and flexibility to help an evolving team feel their way through different ways of working, focus shifted to taking a self-contained floor in a serviced building.

// The value of in-person viewings 

We’re not sure anyone would forgo viewings before purchasing a house, and the same applies to investing in your office.

Allocating sufficient time to view those carefully crafted options selected by your Kontor broker allows you to get a feel of the market, understanding what you like and what you don’t like, and enables you to build provider relationships. 

We’ll always ensure you’re being introduced to the right people, but in doing so you’ll learn more about the variety of offerings from said provider, what they prioritise as a business, and how this complements your own requirements. 

Plus, you’ll get a first-hand opportunity to scope out how similar businesses are using the workspaces you’re viewing, too. How many are utilising the phone booths, are there enough communal spots for networking, and where can you initiate that first team-wide planning session?

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// Love at first sight?

Let’s set the scene: You’re on the first round of viewings. You’ve just walked into the third option, coffee in hand, and it’s ticking all the boxes. Sounds too good to be true?

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of ‘right place, right time’, and World Rugby is a timely example of exactly that.

London Bridge was the go-to location for a mostly South West based team, who were seeking a collaborative office for their London HQ, reflective of their brand values.

Their current home of Woolyard was actually the very first space they saw, which naturally set the standard for the remainder of the viewings, and further visits with wider team members also helped cement their decision. 

// Navigating split opinions  

But - and this is a very important but - don’t feel disheartened if that instant allure is missing. 

Seeing the wider range of options is always recommended to ensure there’s enough comparison, and helps when the time comes to shortlist by weighing up the pros and cons of each. 

We recently witnessed a client where their first choice really split the team. Amongst other requests, the brief included in-house event space and a more compact office for the size of the business, both of which were addressed with their first option. Another favourite soon divided opinions, but when it came down to it, outsourcing various elements - such as the event space which enticed them with the first opinion - seemed like the best bet, and enabled everyone to compromise, resulting in maximum team happiness. 

Once you find the right space your gut will know. We’re on hand throughout to navigate your journey, support and of course negotiate, but when all’s said and done seeing everything for yourself will be the deciding factor, and an exciting one at that!

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By Jess Ward, Content Marketing Manager

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