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What are my office options with Kontor?

We cover the whole market. Whatever you’re looking for, we can get it for you!

In general, you can choose to go down one of two routes - a fully-managed flexible office or a leased space - depending what your company wants and needs.

(Keep in mind though, it’s a sliding scale. Some “hybrid” fully-managed flexible options look and feel like a leased office, and the reverse is true as well.) 1. Fully-managed flexible offices, also known as serviced offices and coworking spaces:

  • The tenure is typically a year, but it can be shorter or longer.

  • Typically ready to go, on an all-inclusive desk rate. Just move in and crack on! 

  • Offers you the ability to scale up and down as you need. 

  • Typically arranged on a license basis (an agreement between you and the provider - much simpler than a fully fledged lease).

  • You’ll usually need to pay a rent deposit or service retainer between 1-3 months upfront.

  • Our service is free for you when you choose a fully-managed flexible office.

2. A traditional lease on your own office space:

  • Typically a longer-term option, between 2 and 20 years.

  • Offers you full control, which means you are directly responsible for the rent, business rates, service charge as well as organising and managing all utilities, the internet and cleaning. 

  • Leased offices are typically unfurnished. You have the power to design and fit-out the space exactly as you would like. (This is an extra cost you’ll need to budget for.)

  • You’ll usually have to return the space to its original condition when you move out. The exact terms of this can be negotiated with the landlord (that’s something we can help with!).

  • You’ll usually need to pay a rent deposit of between 3-9 months, dependant on your business accounts.

  • We usually charge a % fee for your first year, and other costs to consider are solicitors fees and stamp duty land tax.

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